i say the word 'nope' a lot

City Photographs and Sea Breezes

I know my writing is fragmented and awkward but if it helps have Kristin Stewart narrate this blog in your head. She would crease her forehead a lot like she doesn’t understand the script and speak with lots of strange… long… pauses. Perfect. 

This weekend was spent between some of my friend’s houses, shopping in the city and celebrating one of my best friend’s birthday’s. It was busy, but packed in a lovely way. A rush of “wow I might actually have a life” and “that shirt’s super cute” and “but more ice cream. more.” 

The best photos I got were on the ferry to Seattle and in the city it’s self. I may have not been to many other cities, but I don’t think I have to to know how beautiful Seattle is. Strong and gritty at the same time soft on the water and endlessly full of art and hope. 

We got the rain and the sun and the fog (because that’s just how weather works here). We got each other, too. 








and one final photo of me. Timing wasn’t quite on my time for this one. 🙂



Adventure In The Fog

Fog Walking and Day Dreaming: Episode One of Adventures with Lauren

My friend Lauren and I go on Adventures. This last summer when ever I was on the brink of losing my shit, she would call (a sixth sense she has perhaps?) and we would go on an Adventure. We rode our bikes to coffee shops and explored islands across the water and walked around lakes and into cemeteries.

just don't give her the satisfaction of attention 011

This morning we left my house in through the morning fog in the woods behind my house, to explore the tiny footnote of a town that I’ve levied in all my life.

just don't give her the satisfaction of attention 090

The path that took us from my yard to the soccer field my sister played on for four years of our childhood. It’s over grown a bit in the last couple of years but it’s over grown in a sort of beautiful way, mushrooms and spider webs and fallen trees from late night storms.

just don't give her the satisfaction of attention 016




just don't give her the satisfaction of attention 048

We came out of the woods to find houses I used to pass everyday on the school bus. Memories were heavy and walking beside us.

just don't give her the satisfaction of attention 021

I have this thing about houses and acute nostalgia. I don’t know what it it is, really, but standing in front of someone else house covered in fog when not many people have even woken up on a Saturday morning… Memories are heavy things, floating around next to you. Houses are portals to people. Windows are magic, chimneys are better.

houses and stuff idk headache


just don't give her the satisfaction of attention 032

The best discovery of this particular adventure was a farm I had no idea existed.

just don't give her the satisfaction of attention 069


Call Me Egypt and Give Me Some Buddah

I’m sitting in the right hand corner of my high school library trying to remember how to introduce myself on a blog and thinking about the agricultural revolution. 

The agricultural revolution was weird because it didn’t really need to happen and it did. And not only did it happen when it didn’t have to, but people all over the world just started farming. They didn’t talk about it. They just started farming. That’s really fucking weird to me. 

I’m currently going through a bit of a zen phase with meditation and candles and Siddhartha without much reason to do it. I don’t think I really needed a reason, I think I just needed to breath.

My friend Corb is going through a bit of a zen phase to it turns out, which is also weird. Not because we’re both having zen phases but because I didn’t tell her about my zen phase and she didn’t tell me about hers. I mean she might have but I wasn’t listening. And yet were both going without and repeating a mantra and finding our Capital E Enlightenment with our Capital S Spirituality. 

So I mean, basically, I’m Egypt and she’s Mesopotamia and we both just planted some seeds and there starting to grow and pretty soon we won’t even need to hunt and gather anymore. And we didn’t plan it, it just happened on it’s own. Spinning axis, crash crash, collide. 


But look, that’s not really an introduction. My name is Gabe and I’m sort of into giving up blogs I start. I’ll try not to do that to this one. 

I’ll probably post photography on here sometimes, or a lot. And every week I’ll be posting a list of good things because POSITIVITY and YELLOW and RAIN NOISES and I’m not realy as exciting as I wish I were.